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Olympia / Stuck in transit

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We took a 9:30 bus from Athens to Olympia, which should be 3 hours away. That should have given us a few hours to explore the ancient Olympic site. Unfortunately the bus was very indirect, and we arrived just in time to take the 4pm train to the ferry docks in Patras. The bus was also very expensive, 30 Euros per person. We should have taken the train (which is said to be really bad in Greece, but at least got us from Olympia to Patras very quickly and cheaply).

Here's me in the train station in Olympia.

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Cairo Transit

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To get to the airport we wanted to do it like the locals, and it was an adventure.

First we got directions to where the bus terminal was, then took a minibus to get there. Flagging the minibus took the help of a couple locals, but we eventually had success. Also, to start there were more people than seats, so I was bent over with my backpack on rather than sitting - it was the only way I would fit. Luckily it was mid-afternoon, usually there are people hanging out the doors on public transit, so 2 foreigners with big bags wouldn't stand much of a chance.

With help from people on the minibus we were dropped off close to the bus terminal, which was a 10-minute walk away.

We had to use a different bus terminal closeby to get to the airport, which we found out after waiting for the bus awhile and asking a few people.


Once at the right bus terminal, it took 2 hours for the bus to come. We later found out the bus drivers were on strike, for the first time ever in Cairo. We had to stay on guard because buses don't have individual platforms, and when a bus pulls into the station it is surrounded by people waiting to get in. People get in before the others exit, and chaos ensues as people then try to get off before the bus goes.

We eventually got on, stayed at the front of the bus since that was the most convenient place to keep our bags. Most of the time my foot was near the base of the gear shift, which was very hot since the floor in that area was a part of a cardboard box (about 1/2 ft wide)

We pulled into the airport about 7 hours after we left, paid 5 LE instead of the 70 that a taxi would have cost, and had a very memorable experience. A very fun thing to do, once.

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