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Ferry Patras > Venice - my first cruise

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So we were on the 32-hour ferry from Patras to Venice. That seems like a long time, but the timing is perfect - leave Greece at midnight, arrive in Italy at 8am, and lose 1 day on the ferry but save 2 nights' hotel.

The ferry itself is pretty good, basically a cruise ship. We didn't have a cabin, and so were allowed on the "dock". We only found out the second day that that included the indoor part (which is basically the inside of a cruise ship as I imagine it - fancy carpet and chairs, a bar, TVs, etc), so the first night we slept outside on the dock - until around 5am, when heavy rain started to flood our part of the ship. At that point we moved inside, to avoid our things getting wet, and noticed that people are sleeping there - and so we found a spot and also slept there.

Here is where we slept the first night (between tables)

Me sleeping the second half of the first night and the second night

Our stuff, locked to a table. The people on the chair to the right of the table complained that our luggage isn't close to us (and was close to them), but all the space is common so I just said that's where the luggage is and that's where it will stay, and I won that discussion.

Facilities include a pool, which they drain at night and refill in the morning.

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