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Jonquiere, how I've missed thee

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I pulled into my dad's place, and even though weather was bad the time just flew by. Spent a couple days in their summer place (across the street from a small lake, but no swimming since the weather wasn't good) and a couple days at their new house, which is nice in spite of the size. He had a box of pictures I hadn't seen from when I was young (and some from the time before I was young, I'm sure), and also his China videos, but I only went through 1 of 20 or so photo sets and maybe a third of the videos. I don't know where the time went, but it was a good time, they're good people. We had excellent food, I got a haircut at their insistance, and it was tremendously pleasant and relaxing. I was also fairly pleased to see that it didn't feel like a city in decline in spite of being an old factory town - no shops boarded up or anything like that.

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Farewell to Nova Scotia (and New Brunswick)

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We were stunned to note how much nothing there is between Miramichi and Edmunston in New Brunswick. We drove several hours where we saw nothing but a few houses, and nature - no service stations or stores of any kind. Also most of highway 420 was unpaved, though not as bad as the area between Sunrise trail and the highway in Nova Scotia (at that time, a week earlier, the GPS said to use an unpaved road. That road got worse the farther we got from the paved road, and then the GPS lost satellites and I took a wrong turn onto a logging road where we could often hear rocks hitting the bottom of the car. Amazing the car didn't seem to have any damage from that.)
To get to the Saguenay and my dad's place sooner we were going to take the Riviere du Loup ferry across the saint lawrence, but it had just left so waiting for the next one would have saved us half an hour compared to driving via Quebec and would have cost $70. No deal.

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Irving Ecocenter

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This is a massive (several kilometer-long) sand dune and saltwater marsh protruding into the sea, with a boardwalk along the whole length. So we walked about a kilometer on the boardwalk, and walked back to where we started along the beach. The jellyfish were big (close to a foot in diameter), purple, and plentiful, at least to a point where I wouldn't have gone in the water. We walked past one about every minute, though I believe that was the only place in the maritimes where we saw the jellyfish.
When leaving the ecocenter our car wouldn't start, so we asked information if we could use their phone to call for help. When I discribed the problem (ignition not turning, can't shift out of park, steering wheel not turning) the person on the phone said my steering wheel is locked and told me how to fix it. When I got off the phone the person at information told me the same thing. Ugh.

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Parlee Beach

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Parlee Beach was amazing, by far the best beach I've ever been to. There are lots and lots of shrimp in the water (with a net it would probably take 2 minutes to fill a bucket), and lots of hermit crabs (if you put them close together they fight until one cowers and runs off). We also briefly picked up 2 regular sized crabs, with very hard shells which is apparently a sign that they are old and delicious. Unfortunately we didn't have any way to cook so we didn't take any of the wildlife with us. Also unfortunately when we went back the next day they tried to charge us $10 per person, and so we decided to go to the next beach along the coastal drive. As good as the others were, no other beach we went to had anywhere near as much aquatic life as this one. As well as having great wildlife, you can walk out a few hundred meters and still have water to your waist - so even so it would have been an excellent beach.

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