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June 2009


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Parliament has a big clock it's like Big Ben, only smaller and generally less pointy from an architectural standpoint. Still bigger than I expected though.
We took a (free) tour of the parliament buildings this morning, went into the senate, but not the house of commons because it was in session (the public gallery was closed though).
Later today we'll go to the mint and Bytown (apparently similar to St Lawrence Market).
Tried using WiFi in front of a closed Starbucks,
but couldn't figure out how to log in, so now using free internet at the public library.
Tomorrow, we'll be in Montreal.

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Small towns

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Here are towns on the way to 1000 islands

The Hershey factory at Smiths Falls was closed for Sunday, so nothing to see there...
Property taxes in Merrickville must be huge - there are so many signs announcing it plus Canada flags on the lamp posts. For all the signs announcing the ruins, we had a lot of trouble finding them.

We drove past Burritt's Rapids, where Lee's mother's family (who were Burritts) were the first Anglos to settle in the area. Unfortunately we could neither locate these Rapids nor Smiths' Falls.


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Camping overnight

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It turns out it's not always easy to find a campground near the city...
We left Ottawa in the early evening to find a place to stay. The travel guide was close to useless, naming campgrounds and saying what highway they're on, but no street numbers and the GPS didn't recognize those campground names. So we drove along that highway for a short while, then saw a couple RVs coming from a different highway so Sue decided to take that one... A few minutes later we're asking for directions to the nearest campsite at a service station along the highway still in Gatineau, the girl working there looks at me as if I'm nutty and the guy points me towards a smaller town, Lorrain. Once there, I ask a local who was in his driveway near his pickup truck and boat, so he seemed like he might know.
Me: "Sais-tu ou est-ce que je pourrais trouver un camping public?"
Him: "A partir d'ici? C'est loin en tabarnak."
So I'm about to give up, then key in "camp" to business search on the GPS, and there's one 15 minutes away.
It's pretty bad, our site was about 5 meters from a country road, so we'd hear cars and motorcycles going past us every few minutes through the night... The website says it's good though. http://www.campingangegardien.com/
On the upside the sleeping pads fit perfectly in the tent, and we got dinner and breakfast at the IGA on the way over - cretons, melba toast, raspberries, and Lemon-flavored Molson Dry (halfway between smirnoff ice and mikes hard lemonade, no sign of beer).

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401 Toronto >Kingston

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Bowmanville (Nuclear plant)
Port Hope
Bay of Quinte County
Brighton / Campbellton
Quinte West
Prince Edward County
Trenton (military base)

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First day of travel - Kingston!!

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Travelling with Sue is excellent... Took a lot of pics, of the signs announcing cities and the paint testing strips. She's going back to her roots, very Asian.
Our car is super-full, we packed with the philosophy of bringing a bunch of stuff with us here and then taking a subset to travel overseas later... And we got a bit carried away. So we have tons of stuff, I'm thinking we'd use more stuff if more of it were accessible, but meh... I guess that happens when we don't think of how big stuff will be in the car...
Staying with Guillaume, and he showed me Kingston. It's excellent. Went to a Cambodian restaurant (had some spicy jackfruit and papaya stuff, very interesting); saw Queens (nice place, buildings very old and grey and official looking), it was nice.
1_1244954103725_kingston church.JPG


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