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June 2009

Camping in Saint John

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We had an awesome view of the city,
and claimed a lot of free firewood (including a 4 foot high, maybe 8 inch diameter tree trunk that was standing until I powered it down - unfortunately it was damp and didn't really burn. Happy fathers day to whoever is on the site next I guess...

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Kings Landing

Awesome pioneers village

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This place is awesome (I'm sure there will be more about it when Sue writes her part.
The theme is that this is an industrial town in the mid-1800s. In fact the artifacts are cobbled together from towns within a few kilometers of the site, and each building is set in a particular year (and the park employee playing the person living or working there does the person's job and talks about it.
There are a few amazing exhibits (workshops and mills), where I'm impressed at the ingenuity of the use of levers and pulleys like in the foot-powered jigsaw and circular saw
the sheer power in the sawmill,
and the amount of mechanization could be done in a grist (flour) mill with nothing but levers and pulleys and powered by watermills (I think). Here is a 3 story high conveyor belt to get the buckwheat up to the 3rd floor, where it gets poured down to the 2nd where it gets filtered and dusted and ultimately to the first floor where it gets milled, sifted, and packaged into flour, bran, chicken feed, and buckwheat husks (for buckwheat pillows - I had one of those for about a year, they're great to start but the husks collapse over time).
Also got Sue back to her roots playing piano. By chance our wedding date is on the wall in the church (10/25/08)

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NB camping

16 °C
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We're staying at a campsite that's known as the Best gay and lesbian campground in New Brunswick. I'm enjoying it a lot. There's a river a few meters from our campsite, it's really far from any traffic (in contrast to the last one we stayed at), and the camp grounds are well maintained and very clean.

But the mosquitos are terrible - we stopped on the side of the road on the way over to try to pick up some free firewood from the woods, and I was surrounded by them; Sue got a few bites, one on her back was immediately the size of a quarter, will probably be bigger tomorrow.
The firewood mostly wasn't worth taking with us, completely rotten and too risky to bring into our car... got a few pieces, bought some firewood when we got into the site, and got a lot more from the woods within the campsite. Now writing in front of the fire as Sue boasts about her ability to make fire.

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Quebec with Family

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We stayed two nights at my aunt Marie's place, and went for a 3-hour walk with her and my uncle John along the St Lawrence. He knows almost everyone there because he's the guardian of the trees and he's there full time for the last number of years.... he knows everything about the park and doesn't mind saying whatever. His kids tell him he should write memoirs, he says he won't because no one would believe half the things that happenned in his life.
A couple examples he shared with us**:

  • * some parts may be off due to my substantially poor memory

-He was in Czech with a tour group when it was part of USSR. One night he takes the driver out for drinks, and convinces him to join him in a public square singing an old nationalistic Czech song (which he knew since my dad's side of the family is Slovak, and which was prohibited under the Soviet regime). All of a sudden a lot of police surround them. He tells them he's visiting from Canada and didn't know the song wasn't allowed. Also tells them he's always heard Soviets are wonderful people, and ultimately not only does he not get in trouble, but he convinces the soldiers to join him in singing the song. The next day the tour operator apologizes to the group on behalf of the locals that made it hard to sleep in the hotels, and the driver had been replaced. On the last day of the tour he tells the operator that it was him and the driver causing the commotion that day.
-He was in England, at the church where the Queen got ordained. He went for the sermon and stayed after and looked around. The friar gave him 5 minutes, and 10 minutes later he was still there and asking if he can take a picture of the chair where the queen was ordained, to which the friar said he could, as long as he promises never to return to England.
-Along that very same beach, there were some migrating birds (maybe geese), thousands of them, fully covering the St Lawrence, close enough together that he felt he could cross the seaway on their backs. All of a sudden they all start to fly at once, and the sound of their wings hitting the water shook the ground and sounded like a jet taking off.
Interesting people.

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Montreal Botanical Gardens

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Botanical Gardens are great. Aloe vera plants taller than me (each leaf probably thicker than my arm),
3 foot tall beautiful flower plants growing on the branches of trees
and the ages of bonsai trees (15-150 years old)
were the things that stuck out most.

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